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    • The Sapphire R9-270 Dual-X 2GB OC honest review.

      PC gamers are always looking for the best performance to price ratio with graphics cards, the R9-270 Dual-X 2GB OC by Sapphire is one card that meets our needs being avid PC gamers ourselves. The R9-270 is a 2GB card which sits above the R7-260X and slightly behind the superior R9-270X.

       photo r9-270_zpsb33683a6.png

      The R9-270 isn’t anything we haven’t all seen before, Sapphires Dual-X range has been around for some time now. The Dual-x refers to the two fans located on the card, which comes with a huge heat sink that covers the entire PCB, both sides of the card have copper pipes fitted to draw heat away from the main unit, this keeps the card running at a good temperature. The one we tested on our rig tends to run at around the mid-forties when idle and mid-fifties when running in game.

      While testing the R9-270 with Battlefield 4 on Ultra settings at the resolution of 1920 x 1080 (FULL HD) we got an average FPS of 68 which makes it very playable. All the games we have played using this card have ran smoothly without lag, making it a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience.

      The processor clock speed is set at 920 MHz but this can be boosted to 945, with a bit of extra overclocking we are sure you could get it even higher. The card is a PCI-E 3.0 but can be used in the PCI-E 2.0 slot with no noticeable performance drop at all.

      If you are looking for a bit of future proofing the R9-270 is the card for you. The performance from this card is amazing especially for the price, with the right system it’s bound to keep up with all new releases and patches for existing games.  Featuring two Dual-Link DVI ports, one DVI-D and the other DVI-I. you also get an HDMI and DisplayPort  which will keep you covered no matter monitor you have or are looking to buy.

      The WildArc Team

    • What is the difference between the Saitek X52 and Saitek X52 Pro?

      A popular question we get at WildArc.co.uk is what is the difference between the Saitek X52 and Saitek X52 Pro?

      The most obvious differences are, as we can see in the product images below, the Saitek X52 Pro is all black and the Saitek x52 is silver and black. Also the Saitek X52 Pro has metal components to increase durability whereas the Saitek X52's components are plastic.

      Saitek X52 Pro (Black)

      Saitek X52 standard (Silver and Black)

      The Saitek X52 has an MFD screen, however, on the X52 Pro this is now interactive. Now you can display important in-game information such as the Radio Stack and interact with your games directly. Shipping with support for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X, there’s also a Software Development Kit (SDK) included which allows budding programmers to create interactions with their own favourite games.

      The Saitek X52 Pro has a unique dual-spring mechanism which provides a progressive spring force on the stick’s movement, making it more resistant the further you move it from centre. The Saitek X52 Pro has double the number of sensors to improve responsiveness. The X52 Pro has slightly different buttons on the Throttle controller and the LED's can be changed to different colours. On the X52 you can choose between night-friendly red, green or amber illumination for the different LED buttons on the controller.

      WildArc Team



    • What is the best Cherry MX switch for me?

      We advise you that you do not purchase the cheapest gaming keyboard available as we have found that dependent on what game you play you might find pros and cons with each.  Below we have explored the famous Cherry MX switches in more detail. We hope it helps we have linked in our favourite keyboards in these categories

      Cherry Blue switch photo cherry-blue_zps975e5fff.gif

      Cherry MX Blue : 50g - Blue switches have two very distinct features, an audible click when you push the key, and secondly, the reset point is above the actuation point.  This switch has been considered the best for typing, however it has good FPS properties. We suggest the Corsair K70 Keyboard

      Cherry Black switch photo cherry-black_zpsf841cc50.gif

      Cherry MX Black : Actuation Force: 60g  - The Black switch is essentially the opposite to the Blue switch, a non tactile, non clicking switch.  The Black switch is considered a gaming switch because feedback can be considered a better feature when typing, not having feedback, such as the black, can leave you repeating key pushes when you hit the key too lightly.  This switch is great for FPS, RTS and MMO gamer we have found that Black switches are nice to game on, though you have to punch the keys when typing. We suggest the Mionix Zibal 60 keyboard

      Cherry Red switch photo cherry-red_zpscb56b9e9.gif

      Cherry MX Red : 45g - The Red is a similar switch to the Black except it has a much lighter feel to it, this is due to a lighter switch.  This switch is linear, non clicking with no feedback, but it’s lightness does have advantages.  By being lighter, there is less force needed to complete the key stroke, this allows you to bottom out the key faster than any other switch.  This switch is great for FPS, MMO or RTS gamers and this is the lightest switch of them all. We suggest the Corsair Gaming K95

      Cherry Brown switch photo cherry-brown_zpsf87c3b82.gif

      Cherry MX Brown: 45g  – The Brown switch is a light tactile switch that has properties of the Black and the Blue switch.  It has a nice amount of feedback in the form of a bump when you actuate the key. This switch is great for FPS and RTS gamers and is considered the second best typing switch. We suggest the CM Storm Quick Fire XT

    • Corsair K70 RGB worth it? we think so!

      WildArc have taken a peek at Corsair’s latest ‘bling’ gaming keyboard, the K70 RGB and we are mighty impressed. On a scale of 1 to 10 ‘mighty’ is around 12 for us. It’s a revamp of last year’s K70 model of of which we were already a fan.

      In case you don’t know, the K70 is a colourful, LED-backlit keyboard. There’s a good choice of backlit keyboards in the market but this model stands out from the crowd by offering customisable colours. Each key has a choice of up to 16.8 million different colours! we are not actually sure that the human eye can differentiate between that range of colours but hey, it’s still impressive stuff. Out of the box the keyboard lights up with a red backlight. You’ll need to install Corsair’s software suite to program your individual rainbow.

       photo K70Corsair_zps553a338d.jpg

      On the subject of the software, this will allow you to create shortcuts, hotkeys and run firmware updates when released. There’s a choice of four tabs; Profiles, Actions, Lighting and Settings. You can create a profile for customised options and export it as a .prf file which can then be uploaded to Corsair’s K70 RGB forum. Alternatively, you can download somebody else’s hard work and given the bewildering array of options it’s probably worthwhile.

      As seems the de-facto standard for performance keyboards, the use of Cherry’s MX mechanical key switches gives a positive feel to each key press. There’s a 10-key numerical pad but there are no macro keys which is a feature of the higher spec K90 and K95 RGB.

      We wouldn’t say that we are keyboard connoisseurs but we like our keyboards to have a good weight so they’ll resist being pushed around the desktop and we appreciate a quality appearance. Fortunately, the K70 RGB is a winner on both counts. It has a quality look and feel with its matte finished keys, textured non-slip palm rest and satisfying weightiness (2.63lb).

       photo k70box_zpsc878c216.png

      If you’re a cheapskate when it comes to peripherals, dream on. The Corsair K70 RGB has premium features and the price to match. There’s always the earlier K70 (non-RGB) version which offers the same build quality but with only one colour. However, if, like us, you believe that your peripherals are every bit as important as your PC then this keyboard is a real contender.

      The WildArc Team

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